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Wanted: Rowing Coach


Coaching is fun, right? That depends on the rowers, the budget, the boathouse, the boats, the rigger, and 10,000 other odds-and-ends. A few years back I took a job coaching the men's crew at U.C. Santa Barbara. That, as it turned out, was a Class 7 mistake. But for a wanna-be writer such as myself, when it's raining lemons, (a relentless downpour of lemons causing severe bruising to my head and shoulders), you stop your whining and start making notes. That's exactly what I did. Wanted: Rowing Coach is the fruit of that arduous labors. Please note, the book is stamped 'fiction', which means I changed the names of the rowers so that I'd have the freedom to tell the truth and hopefully not get anyone too pissed off in the process. These college rowers can be pretty thin-skinned, if you know what I mean.

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