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Walking Towards Thunder


Hiking the John Muir Trail - it's an amazing adventure, one that I would encourage everyone to tackle at least once in their life. This last summer (2015) was the 20th consecutive summer that I've hiked the length of the JMT. The trail starts in Yosemite Valley and finishes 225 miles later at Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the continental USA, 14,495 feet. Walking Towards Thunder is a cool book about a woman hiking the JMT, solo. Actually she starts the hike with two friends, both of whom bail out along the way and leave her to hike by herself. I prefer Walking Towards Thunder to that other backpacking book, Wild, any day. For some reason Wild left a bad taste in my mouth.  Walking Towards Thunder is fiction. The John Muir Trail is real. I hope to see you on the trail next summer.

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Demon Bean

- the great coffee war of Pacific Palisades -


Believe it or not, back in 1995 there wasn't a Starbucks on every street corner. Demon Bean takes place back in this innocent era, in the quiet, wealthy village of Pacific Palisades, California. The owner of a local cafe, Fiona Brooks, does her level best to keep Starbucks out of her beloved 'Palisades. Does she succeed? Read and find out.

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Confessions of a Grinder


The America's Cup - it was a really big deal back in 1987. Huge! The Cup had been won by Australia a few years earlier. Now we were going to win it back. The 'we' in this instance is the America's Cup syndicate from San Francisco, called the Golden Gate Challenge. Skipper Tom Blackaller was at the helm. I was a humble grinder, the low man on the totem pole. So as you can imagine I had quite a view of the ongoing proceedings. We had a truly revolutionary 12 meter, with a front rudder (canard) and a big fat keel, as opposed to a sexy winged keel. Fun was had, scary times too. You learn right off the bat that there's no railing around the edge of 12 meter. One false step and you're treading water in the chilly Pacific Ocean, just you and the sharks.

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The Idiot Years


This is a fiction piece about a guy driving across country. It's strong stuff, best read with caution. Extreme caution. (Or not at all.)

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